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Conservation is a joint effort between government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private individuals and groups. The federal government, through organizations such as Parks Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Service, is responsible for protecting and managing national parks, historic sites, and wildlife habitats. Provincial and territorial governments also have their own conservation agencies and programs. Non-governmental organizations play a significant role in conservation efforts in Canada. Additionally, many private individuals and groups, such as farmers and land owners contribute to conservation efforts through stewardship programs and private land conservation.


Wildlife conservation is the effort to protect and manage wild animal and plant populations as well as their habitats. This includes protecting endangered species, managing hunting and fishing, and conserving habitats such as wetlands, forests, and grasslands. Wildlife conservation also includes managing human activities that may impact wildlife, such as development, pollution, and climate change. The goal of wildlife conservation in Canada is to ensure that wild animals and plants continue to thrive and remain a healthy part of the ecosystems. 

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Habitat protection and restoration efforts aim to protect and restore these areas so that wild animals and plants can thrive. Habitat protection can take many forms such as creating protected areas, purchasing land for conservation and regulating human activities that take place in important habitats.

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Research and monitoring are important components of wildlife conservation, as they provide the information needed to understand and protect wild animal, plant populations and their habitats.

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Species reintroduction, also known as reintroduction biology, is the deliberate release of a species into an area where it has previously existed but has become locally extinct. It is a type of conservation management tool that aims to restore the populations of endangered or extripated species in the wild

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Education and outreach are important components of wildlife conservation, as they aim to increase public awareness, understanding, and support for conservation efforts. This includes activities such as school programs, nature camps, guided tours and education materials

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This is the promotion of policies, actions, and behaviours that aim to protect and preserve the natural environment and its resources. This may include lobbying government officials, educating the public, and working with organizations to raise awareness and support for conservation efforts.

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Climate change adaptation refers to the actions taken to help wildlife and ecosystems adjust to the effects of a changing climate. This can include things like protecting and restoring habitats, managing populations of specific species, and implementing conservation strategies that take into account the projected effects of climate change. 


Here are some of the most prominent organizations conducting conservation work in Canada:

Parks Canada - responsible for the protection and management of national parks and national historic sites.

Canadian Wildlife Service - a division of Environment and Climate Change Canada that is responsible for the conservation of wildlife and habitat.

Nature Conservancy of Canada - a non-profit organization that works to protect important natural areas throughout Canada

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - a non-profit organization that works to protect wilderness and natural areas

Ducks Unlimited Canada - a non-profit organization that focuses on the conservation of wetlands and waterfowl habitat

Wildlife Habitat Canada - a non-profit organization that supports conservation projects across Canada

The Nature Trust - a non-profit organization that works to protect important natural areas in Canada

The David Suzuki Foundation - an environmental organization that works on a range of issues, including conservation and biodiversity.

The Boreal Songbird Initiative - an organization that works to raise awareness and conserve the Boreal Forest.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation - a non-profit organization that works to protect and conserve wildlife and habitat in Canada


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