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Built To Last: A Canadian Collaboration

Our collaboration with L. May & Chilly Moose

As we plunge into the early spring 2024 planting season, a budding new partnership is underway. With two companies who pride themselves on good craftsmanship and durability, we will proudly be participating in a special, limited-time offer. 

Starting April 24th, L. May MFG will be offering their limited edition Chilly Moose x. L. May Special Release Tamarack Canister whose sales will directly support our reforestation efforts. For each item sold, we will plant two trees. 

This canister is made to bring comfort to your life outdoors. With food grade stainless steel construction, this canister will keep your food hot for hours so that you can enjoy your favourite warm meal wherever your adventure takes you. Plus, it is designed to fit nicely into your cup-holder, making transportation a walk in the park (pun intended)!

Every purchase of this limited edition item supports two Canadian businesses who prioritize sustainability and quality by crafting goods that are built to last, while generously supporting organizations like ours whose mission it is to reforest Canada, participate in sustainable forestry practices, and rehabilitate lands impacted by wildfires. We are thrilled to be working with L. May MFG and Chilly Moose for this initiative.

Order your canister here while quantities last!



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