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Scaling Reforestation with Reliable Partners

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Any attempt to scale reforestation by increasing the overall size of the Earth’s forested land mass requires global collaboration. As a company that strongly believes in the necessity for large-scale reforestation, we are actively developing strategies that scale tree planting projects worldwide. Tree planting projects provide meaningful work, meaningful relationships, improved air quality, community collaboration, connection, and ecological healing. Organizations across the world are stepping up to get more trees planted and we are proud to partner with the ones that share our vision.

On the International Day of Forests, March 24, 2023, Integrity Reforestation and We4all, a not-for-profit tree planting organization based in Greece, launched a reforestation partnership. By providing each other with mentorship and sharing our expertise, we are sowing the seeds of a global reforestation alliance.

In the aftermath of the rapid wildfires in Greece, We4all was founded by John Iliopoulos in 2017. He decided to take everything he learned in life and devote his work towards replanting, reforesting and restoring ecosystems throughout Greece and beyond. Over the past years We4all, in connection with local communities in Africa, throughout Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda, has provided tree planting resources, personnel, equipment and funding for hundreds of projects. John and his team have successfully developed partnerships with many companies throughout Europe, earning their stripes as global reforestation leader.

As John and Matt McKernan, the founder of Integrity Reforestation, first got to know each other, it was clear that they shared the same vision and understanding of the natural world. They bonded through their recognition of the healing nature of trees and the practical hardships of getting them into the ground. United by their mutual understanding of the significance of this work, they started to develop a framework for collaboration and explored ways they could help each other. Built on a foundation of trust, openness, honesty, mutual support, and cooperation, both organizations are attempting to realize a new vision for partnership between two teams.

Supporting tree planting and reforestation organizations is core to what we do and who we are at Integrity Reforestation. Scaling reforestation is going to take many organizations to start up and operate. By banding together as reforestation partners we are creating a network of knowledge, support and guidance that will be an important node in the global reforestation network that we are a part of.

Integrity Reforestation offers the planting community a wealth of experience and a willing partner and supporter of people and organizations with strong principles. We lead by example, planting millions of trees ourselves every year, paying our workers strong wages and building a robust community rooted in purposeful work and meaningful relationships. We provide tree planting and reforestation services, and make the task of planting seamless for our clients.


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