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What is the "Forest Ambassador" partnership?  


The Forest Ambassador partnership allows brands to commit to planting 60 trees every month, thus contributing to global reforestation and enhancing their sustainability profile.


How much does it cost to become a Forest Ambassador partner?


Brands can become a Forest Ambassador by committing to a cost of $60, plus applicable HST.


How many trees will be planted on behalf of our brand each month?


As a Forest Ambassador partner, 60 trees will be planted in your brand's name every month.


Is there any contract or long-term commitment?


No, you can cancel at anytime, without any penalty.


How will our brand be recognized for this partnership?

  • As a valued Forest Ambassador partner, your brand will receive a suite of recognitions and benefits to showcase your commitment to sustainability:
    • GPS details of where your trees are planted

    • A dedicated account manager assigned to assist you along the way

    • A digital badge & certificate highlighting your commitment to supporting reforestation

    • Your logo on our website, featuring you as a valued tree planting partner

    • A blog about the partnership on our website

    • A permanent feature in our Instagram highlights

    • An educational brochure on trees

    • One wall post per month on Instagram, highlighting our partnership

    • One story per week on Instagram, highlighting our partnership

    • 25 photos - A commercial license to access and use our professionally photographed, high resolution tree planting photos for your marketing


Can we track the progress and impact of our tree planting? 


Absolutely! We believe in transparency and want our brand partners to witness the direct impact of their commitment. As a Forest Ambassador:


  • GPS Details: You will receive the GPS details of where your trees are planted. This allows you to precisely locate and share the areas you've helped reforest.
  • Annual Report: Alongside this, we provide detailed annual reports that include the number of trees planted, their specific locations, and the estimated environmental benefits, such as CO2 absorption, contributed by your trees.
  • Exclusive Access: Furthermore, you can visually showcase your brand's commitment by using our BRAND PARTNER library, which provides high-resolution professional tree-planting photos of areas similar to where your trees are making a difference.  


Are there additional benefits to being a Forest Ambassador partner? 


Undoubtedly! Partnering as a Forest Ambassador goes beyond just planting trees. Here are the broader advantages for brands aligning with our eco-conscious mission:

  • Boosted Brand Image: In an age where consumers are more eco-aware, your association with our tree-planting initiative showcases your brand's commitment to sustainability, enhancing your reputation.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: Research consistently shows that customers prefer supporting businesses with a strong environmental stance. Your partnership could translate to deeper customer trust and loyalty.
  • Market Differentiation: Stand out in the marketplace as a brand that doesn't just talk about sustainability but actively contributes to it.
  • Positive PR Opportunities: Your active role in tree planting can provide various PR opportunities, enabling you to share positive news about your brand's impact on the environment.
  • Networking Opportunities: By becoming a Forest Ambassador, you join a community of like-minded businesses, opening doors to potential collaborations, partnerships, and events focused on sustainability.
  • Potential Customer Growth: As consumers become more eco-conscious, many seek brands that align with their values. Your commitment to the environment can attract a new segment of environmentally-aware customers.
  • Employee Morale and Retention: Employees are more likely to feel proud and motivated working for a company that contributes to global reforestation, potentially boosting retention and job satisfaction.
  • Access to Eco-Conscious Markets: With your logo on our website, social media, and other platforms, you're introduced to an audience that's deeply passionate about the environment, opening avenues to a market segment that values sustainability.


How is the HST calculated?


The HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) is calculated at 13% and is applied to the total monthly cost of $60.


Can we adjust our commitment in the future?


Yes, we understand that brands may want to amplify their commitment to the environment. You are welcome to add more trees to your contribution at any time. However, please note that you cannot subscribe for less than the 50 trees indicated in the Forest Ambassador plan.


How do we sign up for the Forest Ambassador partnership?


To embark on this sustainable journey with us, simply make the payment for the first month. Once your payment is processed, you'll receive detailed registration instructions to help you set up and maximize your Forest Ambassador partnership.

$60 Forest Ambassador for Brand Partners

Price Options
60 trees per month
C$60.00every month until canceled
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