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What does the "For Every Product Sold, We Plant a Tree" partnership entail?


This partnership allows brands to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. For every product you sell that has been earmarked for this initiative, your brand will contribute $0.99 + HST, and in turn, we will plant a tree on your behalf.


How do customers know which products are part of this initiative?


Products that are part of this partnership will have a distinctive sticker indicating the commitment to plant a tree upon purchase. This ensures customers are aware of the positive impact their purchase has on the environment.


How is the $0.99 + HST contribution calculated?


For each designated product sold, your company will set aside $0.99 plus the applicable HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) to contribute towards our tree-planting initiative. This means that for every such product sold, a tree will be planted.


Can we choose the number of products we want to include in this initiative?


Absolutely! Brands have complete flexibility to decide how many products they'd like to earmark for this initiative. Whether it's a single product line or multiple ones, it's entirely up to you.


How do we keep track of the number of trees planted on our behalf?


We maintain meticulous records of all transactions related to this partnership. You'll receive regular updates and reports detailing the number of products sold under this initiative and, consequently, the number of trees planted.


Is there a minimum or maximum limit to the number of products we can enroll?


There's no cap on the number of products you can include! However, we recommend brands to start with a reasonable number, allowing them to gauge customer responses before potentially expanding the initiative.


What benefits will our brand receive from this partnership?


  • Beyond the evident environmental benefits:
    • Enhanced Brand Image: Demonstrating your commitment can elevate your brand's eco-friendly reputation.
    • Customer Engagement: The initiative can resonate with eco-conscious consumers, fostering brand loyalty.
    • Marketing Opportunities: The partnership offers unique marketing angles, highlighting your brand's active contribution to sustainability.
    • Increased Sales Potential: The initiative may motivate more customers to purchase products knowing they're contributing to a greener planet.


Where will the trees be planted?


We work with multiple reforestation projects globally. We ensure that trees are planted in areas where they'll have the most significant environmental impact. Specific locations and project details can be shared upon request.


What if a product is returned or refunded?


In cases of returns or refunds, the contribution for that particular product is rolled over to the next sale, ensuring a tree is still planted for every product sold.


How do we get started with this partnership?


Kick off this green journey by reaching out to our partnership team. They will guide you through the registration process, after which you can start dedicating a portion of your product revenue towards planting trees and making a difference.



Brand Partnership - For every product sold, we plant a tree

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