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At Integrity Reforestation, we are at the forefront of creating greener futures, serving as a dedicated tree planting services provider for a diverse range of clients, including forestry management companies, private landowners, government agencies, municipalities, and leading corporations. Every piece of land entrusted to us is met with careful scrutiny and comprehensive planning, ensuring not just the act of planting, but also the long-term survival and health of every tree planted. Our expertise spans the entire tree planting process, from assessing the suitability of the terrain to determining the optimal tree species and ensuring that the correct volume is planted to meet our clients' objectives. With a commitment to sustainability and a passion for reforestation, we transform landscapes into thriving forests, one tree at a time.





Our clients come from a diverse tapestry of backgrounds, each with their unique vision for a greener world. From forestry management companies looking for a reliable tree plant contractor, to private landowners wanting to contribute to a sustainable legacy, municipalities focused on urban reforestation, to corporations aiming to offset their carbon footprint; each client comes to us with specific needs and aspirations. Recognizing this, we prioritize understanding your individual goals and the nuances of every project. Through continuous collaboration and open communication, we craft tailored tree planting strategies, ensuring that our efforts align perfectly with their objectives.



Our staff of tree planters are the beating heart of our organization, embodying our ethos and dedication to reforestation. Comprising individuals who share an unwavering passion for the environment, each member brings not only skill and expertise but a deep-rooted love for hard work and meaningful employment. They are extensively trained in modern planting techniques, ensuring the highest survival rates for every tree we plant. Beyond mere technicalities, our planters understand the intricate dance of planting a piece of land — the delicate balance between handling seedlings with care and finding the right microsite . With hands that have planted millions of trees, they work tirelessly, rain or shine, transforming barren lands into lush green canopies. Their commitment goes beyond the job; it's a testament to their belief in the reforestation cycle.





Project reconnaissance is a crucial step in our commitment to ensuring every tree planting endeavor is successful. Before embarking on any project, we meticulously vet the project, assessing factors such as size, scope, equipment and worker needs, timelines, tree sourcing and more. This comprehensive evaluation allows us to tailor our approach, meet the need of our clients, and ensure the longevity of the trees we plant. By deeply understanding the project, the landscape and its nuances, we lay the groundwork for sustainable reforestation, marrying our expertise with the land's innate potential.



Our tree planting crews represent a harmonious blend of dedication, expertise, and passion. As the frontline soldiers in our mission for a greener tomorrow, they approach every project with precision, care, and an intimate understanding of the land. Each crew member is meticulously trained in various planting techniques, ensuring the trees they introduce to the soil have the best chances for survival and growth. But beyond their technical know-how, what truly sets them apart is their unyielding commitment to the environment. They toil under the sun and rain, transforming barren patches into burgeoning forests, always with an infectious enthusiasm and respect for nature. Together, as a cohesive unit, they are the driving force behind our promise of sustainable reforestation.



Our on-site industrial facilities are a testament to our commitment to providing an efficient, comprehensive, and conducive environment for our tree planting projects. At the heart of our operations are full industrial remote camp operations, designed to house and support our teams as they breathe life back into the earth. Powering our mission, we have state-of-the-art generators that ensure uninterrupted work, come rain or shine. Essential amenities such as kitchen trailers and mess tents guarantee nutritious meals for our dedicated crews, while the availability of porta-potties, water pumping, and advanced filtration equipment ensures their health and well-being. Shower trailers offer a touch of comfort after a hard day's work, and our first aid stations are always at the ready, underscoring our emphasis on safety. Furthermore, with trailers dedicated to equipment mobility and robust trucks in our fleet, we ensure that logistics never hamper our goal of transforming landscapes. In essence, our facilities are a seamless fusion of industrial efficiency and homely comfort, all aimed at supporting the reforestation work we do.



Ensuring the safe delivery and proper handling of seedlings is paramount to our operations. Recognizing that the vitality of a tree begins with the care of its young seedling, we've established rigorous protocols and practices. From the moment seedlings are transported from nurseries, they are housed in temperature-controlled environments to ensure their delicate roots and shoots remain in optimal health. Our crew members are trained meticulously in the art of tree handling, ensuring that every seedling is treated with the utmost care and respect it deserves. This minimizes stress and potential damage during transportation and planting, ensuring a robust start for each tree. By emphasizing safe seedling delivery and handling, we not only uphold our commitment to the environment but also ensure the highest success rates for each tree we plant, laying a strong foundation for thriving forests.



Selecting and planting the correct tree species as prescribed by the forester is fundamental to our tree-planting philosophy. We understand that each landscape has specific requirements, and the harmony between soil, climate, and tree species is vital for a thriving ecosystem. Following the forester's guidance ensures that we are not just planting trees, but that we are fostering an environment where they can grow, flourish, and contribute positively to the larger ecosystem. Additionally, our commitment to excellence goes beyond just planting. We employ rigorous inspection mechanisms, utilizing quality control plots to meticulously monitor our work. Through these plots, we can assess the health, positioning, and overall quality of our plantings. Our goal is to consistently achieve over 95% planting quality, ensuring that our forests are not just vast, but vibrant and healthy, reflecting the high standards we've set for ourselves.



Transparency and detailed reporting form the cornerstone of our tree-planting operations. Recognizing the importance of accountability in our work, we provide our clients with a comprehensive breakdown of each planting initiative. This includes intricate details of where every tree is sown, sorted by species. To further enhance clarity and accessibility, we furnish final maps that visually represent the layout of the planted area. These maps pinpoint the exact locations where each tree species is planted and indicate the quantity for each type. By doing so, we not only maintain a record for future reference but also empower our clients with the knowledge of their contribution to the planet. It's a meticulous process that underscores our commitment to precision, transparency, and fostering a deep-rooted connection between our clients and the forests they help create.



Reliable equipment is the backbone of efficient and effective tree planting operations. Particularly, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) play an indispensable role in ensuring both our crew and seedlings reach even the most remote and challenging terrains with safety and efficiency. These rugged vehicles are designed to navigate through dense forests, muddy tracks, and uneven landscapes, ensuring that no area is too inaccessible for reforestation. By utilizing ATVs, we can swiftly transport seedlings, ensuring they are planted within optimal timeframes and maintaining their health and vitality. For our crew, these vehicles ensure safe transit across varying terrains, allowing them to focus on their primary task without the strain of navigating difficult pathways. In essence, by investing in reliable equipment and all-terrain vehicles, we not only enhance the speed and scale of our operations but also ensure the safety and well-being of our most precious assets: our team and the trees they plant.



Our management team stands as a pillar of strength and wisdom, underpinned by years of industry experience and a deep-rooted passion for reforestation. With each member bringing a wealth of knowledge from various facets of forestry, environmental science, and project management, our leadership ensures every tree planting initiative is approached with precision, efficiency, and foresight. Their combined expertise not only guides our on-ground teams but also influences our strategic planning, ensuring we remain at the forefront of sustainable tree-planting practices. Beyond their technical knowledge, our management team exemplifies the values of dedication, integrity, and collaboration, fostering a culture where every staff member feels empowered, guided, and aligned with our overarching mission of creating greener tomorrows.

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