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Urban tree planting is the process of planting trees in urban areas, such as cities and towns. This is done for a variety of reasons, including to improve the environment, provide shade, and enhance the aesthetic of the area. Trees can be planted in a variety of urban settings, including parks, streets, and private properties. It is important to choose the right tree for the location, taking into account factors such as the size of the tree at maturity, its root structure and its ability to thrive in the local climate. Proper planting and maintenance are also essential for the health and survival of the tree.

Image by Mike Benna


Choosing the right location for the tree, taking into account factors such as soil quality, sunlight and available space. Our team of professionals will test the soil to ensure the appropriate conditions exist for trees to thrive. 

Image by Ignacio Brosa


Choosing a tree species that is well-suited to the local climate, soil and growing conditions is very important. We will present you with a variety of options and educate you and your staff on what tree species makes the most sense for the specific site location. 

Image by Josephine Baran


Considering the size of the tree at maturity and ensuring that there is enough space for the tree to grow without causing damage or becoming a nuisance is a key consideration as we work with you to determine the proper trees for each location.

Image by Gayatri Malhotra


Selecting tree species with the appropriate root structure for the location is important so that we do not disrupt the ground materials like concrete or building structures.  

Image by Grant Thomas


Ensuring that the tree is properly planted, watered and maintained over time to promote healthy growth and survival. Some clients have their own maintenance teams, and others hire us to perform maintenance. 

Image by Dan Tuykavin


Considering the overall aesthetic impact of the tree and how it will complement its surroundings plays a pivotal role in the achieving the objectives of our clients. Trees should provide beauty to the community development. We present a range of possabilities and allow you to choose what is right for you community. 

Image by Yoel Winkler


Planting a diverse range of tree species to promote a healthy ecosystem and reduce the risk of disease or pests affecting a large number of trees is extremely important. If this is not done properly, the ecosystem we are adding to can become altered in adverse ways. 

Image by Сергей Дрозд


Considering the potential safety risks of the tree, such as falling branches or weak structure, especially in public spaces is a very important consideration that should not be over looked. We also make sure that, depending on the size of the tree, we provide the proper supports to prevent the tree from improperly rooting and becoming at risk of blowing down. 

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