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What is the "Change Makers" partnership?


The Change Makers partnership is designed for brands that are keen on making a significant impact on global reforestation. By joining this initiative, you commit to planting an impressive number of trees each month, elevating your brand's sustainability status to new heights.


How much does it cost to become a Change Maker partner?


To become a Change Maker, brands will need to commit to a specific cost per tree, which is different from the Forest Ambassador plan. This ensures that your substantial contribution each month aligns with the high-impact status of this partnership. The cost is $999 plus HST per month


How many trees will be planted on behalf of our brand each month?


As a valued Change Maker partner, a 1000 trees will be planted in your brand's name every month, making a monumental difference in our global reforestation efforts. 


Is there any contract or long-term commitment?


We offer flexibility to our partners. You are free to end the partnership whenever you wish, without incurring any penalties.


How will our brand be recognized for this partnership?


Embracing the role of a Change Maker brings a plethora of recognitions and benefits:


  • GPS details of where your trees are planted
  • A dedicated account manager assigned to assist you along the way
  • A digital badge & certificate highlighting your commitment to supporting reforestation
  • Your logo on our website, featuring you as a valued tree planting partner
  • A blog about the partnership on our website
  • A permanent feature in our Instagram highlights
  • An educational brochure on trees
  • Social media promotion through our Instagram page
  • 200 photos - A commercial license to access and use our professionally photographed, high resolution tree planting photos for your marketing
  • 5 high-resolution photos of a sign with your company logo, standing in front of the planted trees you funded
  • A leaderboard feature in our annual sustainability report


What are the extra advantages of being a Change Maker partner?


Becoming a Change Maker is a game-changer! Here's why:


Elevated Brand Image: Align with our reforestation cause and watch your brand image soar.


Loyal Customer Base: Win the hearts of eco-conscious consumers and foster brand loyalty.


Distinctive Market Presence: Be the brand known for tangible positive change.


PR Triumphs: Share compelling stories about your brand's unparalleled environmental influence.


Exclusive Networking: Connect with a unique community of high-impact businesses and individuals.


Expanding Customer Demographic: Appeal to an ever-growing eco-conscious audience.


Inspired Workforce: Fuel workplace pride and retention with your noteworthy contributions.


Inroads to Green Markets: Your notable efforts will be broadcasted to a niche audience that prioritizes sustainability.


How is the HST calculated?


The HST is computed at 13% and is applied to the total monthly cost associated with the Change Makers plan.


Can we modify our commitment down the road?


Indeed! While we encourage you to increase your environmental impact by adding more trees, note that the minimum number of trees for the Change Makers plan is non-negotiable.


How do we initiate our Change Makers partnership?


Kickstart your transformational journey by processing the payment for the first month. Once your payment is processed, you'll receive comprehensive instructions to seamlessly integrate into our Change Makers initiative.

Change Maker

Price Options
Change Makers
for High-Impact Brand Partners
C$999.00every month until canceled
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