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Green Is The New Gold

Updated: Aug 14, 2023


For the next six months, we will be partnering with Canadian woman-owned and operated, Hailey Jane, a small business selling high-quality every day jewellery, as well as custom and bridal pieces.

Hailey Jane makes beautiful jewellery but that’s not the only note-worthy detail about this fellow Canadian company. They sell jewellery with integrity, making them a real catch of a partner for us. All of their jewellery is high quality gold-filled or sterling silver. Just like the trees that we plant, when cared for properly, these materials will last a lifetime. Their jewellery can be worn wherever, whenever. It’s worry-free, tarnish-free, and water resistant, so wearers can sweat, wash their hands, or sleep in their jewels without thinking twice. They could even plant trees while wearing their jewellery! If you’ve seen videos of our planters while they work, you’ll know how impressive that is.

When we asked our friends at Hailey Jane why this partnership is important to them, here is what they said:

“We want to give back — we want to help leave the world a bit better than the way we found it. We all need to do our part to nurture Mother Earth. We have a responsibility as business owners to spread awareness and pave the way for positive change. This partnership is a very small step towards realizing that goal…”

For every piece sold, we will plant one tree.

Check them out here!



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