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Creativity and Climate - Our Partnership with Wanderbird Co.

Planting trees is such a simple way to benefit the environment. It has undeniably positive benefits. As trees grow, they pull carbon out of the atmosphere, purifying the air that we breathe. They cool down the atmosphere around them, providing shade and fighting global warming. These are just some of the benefits of planting trees. But the environmental crisis is so complex and planting trees is just one of the things that we know that we can do to help. For some, the changes that need to be made are not so obvious. The way that we work and operate in the world is so multifaceted that these decisions have numerous implications beyond an immediate environmental benefit. As we reflect on this, it becomes clearer that the need for creativity is urgent. We need to change the way that we create and consume in ways that put as little stress as is possible on the environment. This is what is so exciting and refreshing about our partner, Wanderbird Co.

Wanderbird Co. is a sustainable fashion company. Each piece is crafted from discarded materials, giving new life to fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfills. They use second hand zippers, unused donated thread, buttons, and pockets. And to top it all off, their packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable. The benefits of creating clothing this way can not be understated. By reusing materials to create new pieces of clothing, the negative byproducts of clothing-making are avoided. No new dyes are polluting the water, no trucks are on the road, shipping in materials from far off places, and no sweatshops are being used. These net benefits are due to the creativity of the company’s founder, Kelly Kardos.

Wanderbird Co. was kind of a beautiful accident. Kelly grew up remaking and up-cycling clothing and textiles. Her friends would ask where she got her clothing from and when they learned that she made the pieces herself, they were interested in buying. Eventually, Kelly began to sell items on social media. Pieces would sell out immediately after posting. It was an instant success. From there, she officially launched her business. Three years and 10,000 rescued textiles later, here we are.

We are so pleased to be partnered with Wanderbird Co. Check them out here.

For every item sold, we will plant one tree.


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